First Spring projects in the new garden.

We’ve been living in this flat for almost exactly a year, so now is when we can see the results of all the work we did last summer and autumn.

The purple bugle we brought with us from the last garden is spreading nicely; the ferns are doing very well, as are the herb beds and our collection of clematis.

Then there’s the fantasy section; the gnome house and garden with it’s “cartoon pond”, complete with rocks painted as fish, frogs and a turtle by Rhonda and Audrey, witha clump of chives in place of reeds.

Plus our old friends, the gargoyles, are settling in quite happily, along with the watchful owl in the candlelight.


The Night Garden…

Having spent a few weeks getting our new garden looking nice, I finally got round to putting the candle holders out last night and decided to try some long exposure shots when it got dark.

A few carefully placed solar lights added some extra illumination and, with a little digital fiddling the results really are rather lovely.