The Night Garden…

Having spent a few weeks getting our new garden looking nice, I finally got round to putting the candle holders out last night and decided to try some long exposure shots when it got dark.

A few carefully placed solar lights added some extra illumination and, with a little digital fiddling the results really are rather lovely.


Light morphing…

For one of my recent contributions to the weekly  Cosmic Photo Challenge on  Diary of an Internet Nobody I captured some car light trails and today I decided to use them for another abstract art experiment.

The glowing nature of the original images made for excellent source material, resulting in some rather awesome light sculptures, I hope you like them.

Well, I’ve got to find something to do on my day off.

More experiments with light painting…

Having found Audrey’s colour changing glitter lamps useful for making the gif in this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, I decided to see what sort of images I could get by using them for light painting.

So last night I shut myself in a dark room for half an hour and these gloriously vibrant creations are the result…

(Yes, I know the “y” is backwards, I got confused, ok.)

More fun with light painting…

I tried a different, more ghostly effect with the light painting app on my camera last night.
I built up these composite images by simply using a torch to illuminate myself against the background of a darkened room and I really like the effect.

I shall continue to experiment with the technique, but see what you think of my first few attempts at making phantoms of myself.