Rooms and pathways: An Autumn walk at RHS Rosemoor.

Having a week off work in October and a sunny day at the same time, well that was too good an opportunity to pass up; so today Rhonda and I took advantage of a free entry offer at RHS Rosemoor and, of course, I took plenty of photos.

The large, sprawling gardens are cleverly laid out in a series of themed spaces, obscured from each other by the use of hedges, trees and hard landscaping, using the curves and perspective of connecting paths to draw your eye onward to the next horticultural treat.

There’s something for every gardening taste; formal rose gardens and the geometric precision of tightly clipped fir hedges; vibrant colours of the hot garden and a glorious mixture of textures in the foliage garden; the walled kitchen garden and fragrant delights of the herb garden and, my personal favourite, the lush and beautiful lake area, with its giant gunnera plants adding a primeval feel to the series of waterfalls that drop down to the sparkling, lily-covered waters below.

Transitions between the different areas are so subtle, though, that they feel like unforced progressions from one “garden room” to the next, especially as there are vegetables and herbs mixed together with decorative planting (including a superb pergola in the kitchen garden, with melons growing over it) making for a very pleasant couple of hours in the sunshine.

Picture this: Creating our new garden…

I’ve missed a few posts on Diary of an Internet Nobody recently, most notably a couple of SoCS episodes, due to spending my weekend writing time working on the layout and planting of our new garden.

We had a pretty clean slate to work with when we moved in, just two months ago, with a couple of large shrubs and a good sized shuttlecock fern in one of the beds that border each side of the lawn (which still needs levelling and re-seeding) but otherwise empty and ready for inspiration.

We first cleared the right hand side of the garden as you look out from the back door, as it was overgrown with wild geraniums, vinca and aquilegia. Then I went on a couple of garden centre bargain hunts, tracking down a varied (and, more importantly, cheap) selection of bedding plants and some more unusual specimens to add a bit of interest and extra colour.

Add to that a new, stone, faux-pond under the bird feeder, our trusty old gargoyles, with a few other quirks thrown in here and there and a new raised planter for a pair of clematis, amongst other things, on the back fence, I reckon we’ve made a good start on our little outdoor retreat.

See what you think of our efforts so far.

March of the Internet Nobody, day twenty seven: Nature photography week…

A whole week’s worth of nature photos, starting in the garden…

Diary of an Internet Nobody.(Archive)

I think I’ve done quite well so far, in my attempt to post something interesting, entertaining, or at least different, every day for a month, and without resorting to simply posting a daily photo, too.

Well, until this week, anyway.

So for each of the final five days of my March marathon, I shall try to capture some original images of nature for your viewing pleasure; starting off with a regular subject of my photo posts, The Mound.

The area around the sloping corner bed in the dappled shade of our back garden has provided us with variety, interest and seasonal splashes of colour since we cleared the overgrown mass of weeds which covered it when we moved in. Now, with a few days of sunshine and warmth, the garden in general and The Mound in particular, is coming back to life.

And here’s a tune that ties in rather…

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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…

This week’s challenge was set by K’lee and it has a distinctly circular theme…

Diary of an Internet Nobody.(Archive)

Good afternoon and welcome to a bank holiday edition of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge,today determined by K’lee’s choice of theme; Circles.

I decided to go the simple route this week and use something we’ve been waiting for in the garden for some time; the first of our sunflowers to bloom.

Here are some circles within circles.

And here is where you can find K’lee’s photo for the day.

Right then, let’s see what you have to offer…


To get involved with the challenge, post a photo to your blog on Monday, add a pingback to this post (or toK’lee’s) and don’t forget to tag your post #CosPhoChal.

Alternatively, add a link to your blog in the comments of either mine or K’lee’s post and we’ll come and check out your entry.
Any and all effects, editing, Photoshop, Instagram, morphing, collages or whatever other…

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More from The Mound…

The burst of Summer over the weekend generated a flurry of activity in our rented garden, including adding some colour to The Mound.

I know I’ve posted many photos our one, sloping corner of unpaved loveliness, but it is interesting to watch an island in a sea of patio slowly evolve. 

We also got a great deal on some planters on Sunday (because they’re actually cheap galvanised buckets from Homebase) and by the end of the afternoon the garden looked like this…