In the land of Pooh…

Last week we went to see friends and family in Crowborough, East Sussex, where the dramatic vistas of Ashdown Forest provided A A Milne with the settings for his Winnie the Pooh stories.

We were lucky with the weather and took the opportunity to wander amongst the pines, heather, bracken and gorse bushes of this, the real Hundred Acre Wood, as well as taking Audrey on a tour of some the other rural playgrounds of my youth.

Becky, a friend who I hadn’t seen for years, joined us on the more-or-less-compulsory trek to Pooh Bridge for a game of Pooh Sticks; whilst Biff, another old friend, provided entertainment for Audrey in the shape of Luigi, the loveable Staffordshire bull terrier and he also kindly organised a trip to a riding stables, where we met some of their horses (before stopping for refreshments at one or two local hostelries). 

Come on, let me show you around…

5 thoughts on “In the land of Pooh…

  1. The view from the A A Milne memorial is lovely. As a child, I never read the tales of Pooh, Christopher Robin and Friends, but now as an adult, I feel it should be compulsory.

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    1. Quite right, too.
      And I think a visit to the bridge for a game of Pooh Sticks should also be mandatory.
      Thanks again for allowing us to visit the stables, Audrey loved it. See you in a couple of weeks for her birthday celebrations…


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