Deconstructing the selfie…

Selfies, the ubiquitous personal identifier for millions of people all over the world.
Never really been one for them myself, but I thought I’d try a few and see if I could “art them up” a bit.

Here are seven of my favourites…









23 thoughts on “Deconstructing the selfie…

    1. It’s not the casual and creative self portraits that I object to, it’s the proliferation of duck-faced, self-conscious posing that gets me. Why can’t people be a little more imaginative with their pictures, that’s what I don’t understand.


      1. I just read a very interesting piece on why one person takes many selfies. I think the reasons are as varied as the posters. And, especially when it comes to young women, they likely ARE self-conscious. Society has certainly created many reasons for them to be.

        Maybe some people are afraid to get imaginative…but I have many friends who are extremely creative with their selfies, so I know that those folks are out there. =)

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